Seattle's possible and future Cleft Tower

The ODA architecture studio has presented a skyscraper project for the North American city that has surprised by its originality.

Use architecture to unite communities and create spaces of connection. That is the idea that the ODA architecture studio wants to express with its latest project, the Seattle Tower, a 362-meter-tall skyscraper in the nerve center of the largest city in the state of Washington, in the northwest of the United States.

A differentiating element of height

It is undeniable that the most striking thing about this tower is its center. Or, rather, its non-center , since it stands out astonishingly its emptiness in the middle of construction, which will allow views from within the city of the amazing nature (from national parks to the Pacific Ocean) that surrounds it, as its already does. most iconic building: the futuristic Space Needle watchtower.

A project of ODA architecture

The tower designed by ODA will have commercial and administrative areas, as well as parking lots and parking areas in the lower area and in the upper levels (into the shaft) for about 1,080 residential homes. According to its CEO in New York, Eran Chen, "there must be a better way to organize our homes in increasingly dense cities, where we can enjoy some privacy while recognizing our neighbors and where anyone can access outdoor spaces."

The idea of ​​the project is to open a door to a garden in the sky.

Eran Chen - CEO of ODA in New York

There is no doubt that, if it finally materializes, it will become one of the most visited buildings in the metropolis.

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