Mata Mua, goodbye to the jewel of the Thyssen Museum

The famous painting by the painter Paul Gauguin is already packed and with the approval of the Government for its sale and export.

The Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza prepares the release of its crown jewel, the exquisite Mata Mua by the French painter Paul Gauguin, one of the recognized fathers of post-impressionism and primitivism.

About the work Mata Mua

This oil on canvas dating from the year 1892 expresses the exotic and primitive in the daily life of the natives, captured by the acclaimed painter in his exile to an island of Tahiti where he was looking for a new inspiration for his works. Undoubtedly a great loss for the Thyssen Museum, although a great financial pocketing since it is valued at more than 45 million euros.

In addition to Mata Mua, the Thyssen Museum also has the famous works Racehorses in a Landscape, by Degas; Hopper's Martha Mckeen of Wellfleet and Monet's Charing Cross Bridge, all owned by Carmen Cervera.

Reactions to the possible sale

The reactions have not been long in coming. One of the most relevant is undoubtedly that of the Minister of Culture and Sports, who has already expressed his opinion about this fact.

Baroness Thyssen is within her legitimate property right to remove the work Mata Mua from her private collection.

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes

Regarding your bid, the Ministry rules out the possibility of a purchase by your department, given the difficult economic and health circumstances that the country is going through.

Will Mata Mua be on display again?

Although it is certain that Mata Mua will leave the rooms of the Thyssen Museum, the fate of the work is still unknown. A hard farewell without a doubt since Mata Mua leaves Spain after many years of idyll with the country and specifically with the Madrid capital. We can only hope that the person or entity that gets hold of this precious work will give it up for exhibition and thus be able to continue enjoying it in some other country, if possible, not too far away.

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