Collection Nom. 037

Turn that empty wall into an authentic art mural with the Nom Collection. 037. An incessant game of colors and shapes that will provide a unique and original style in your space. A guaranteed success in your home.
Color Play Colección

Playing with color

Have you fallen in love with this collection? Well, we assure you that it will be eternal love when you have it on your wall. This collection by the artist Mareike Böhmer is made up of 6 works called Color Play, which, as its name indicates, plays in a very elegant and fun way with shapes and colors.

Scroll down to see the paintings that we have included in this collection and if you like them you can add them from this page to your basket, configuring the size and selecting the type of framing you want.


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6 products

Color Play VIColor Play VI
Mareike Böhmer
Color Play VI Sale priceFrom $36.00
Color Play VColor Play V
Mareike Böhmer
Color Play V Sale priceFrom $36.00
Color Play IVColor Play IV
Mareike Böhmer
Color Play IV Sale priceFrom $36.00
Color Play IIIColor Play III
Mareike Böhmer
Color Play III Sale priceFrom $36.00
Color Play IIColor Play II
Mareike Böhmer
Color Play II Sale priceFrom $36.00
Color Play IColor Play I
Mareike Böhmer
Color Play I Sale priceFrom $36.00

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