5 art documentaries that you cannot miss

Here are what for us are 5 essential documentaries from the art world. Our grain of sand to support the #yomequedoencasa initiative and make your stay a little more entertaining and enjoyable.

Given that we are living in an exceptional and historic situation such as the worldwide spread of a pandemic and given that our country is one of the most affected, we continue to insist on the message we sent yesterday calling for the individual responsibility of each and of society as a whole to stay at home to prevent the spread of this Coronavirus.

Of course, no one said that it was bad at home, right? Then we want to do our bit, this time in the form of entertainment to make the stay even warmer and more peaceful. Next we discover 5 Documentaries related to art that you cannot miss. And remember, #yomequedocasa surrounded by the art that I like and more comfortable than a bush.

1. Jean-Michel Basquiat: The glowing boy.

Highly recommended and spectacular documentary on the life of the famous artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Directed by her close friend Tamra Davis as a tribute to her life and career, this documentary tells of her meteoric rise until she got to rub shoulders with greats from the art scene such as Andy Warhol, among many others.

A perfect document to learn about the wild and vindictive personality of this young painter and review his short but brilliant career, from its beginnings until his early death.

2. Looking for Vivian Maier.

This peculiar story narrates the life of a true photographer who spent her entire life undercover under the unnoticed figure of a New York nanny. A photographer's interest aroused by a photograph that accidentally comes into his hands arouses curiosity about the person behind the camera. An exciting and meticulous search that unravels the personality and style of one of the most talented photographers of the 20th century, determined to live in anonymity and having left an immeasurable legacy of exquisite photographs. A hidden icon in the midst of the cult of the image. You can not lose this.

3. David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Documentary focused on two exhibitions held at the Royal Albert Hall in London about what is considered the most important painter in Great Britain today. Directed by Phil Grabsky , in this documentary the pop artist David Hockney gives his personal vision about the importance of light in his works. Undoubtedly an essential documentary on one of the most relevant artists of the 20th century.

4. Cezanne. Portraits of a life.

Although we are more used to recognizing his works by the fascination he felt for still life and the technique of cubism and fauvism, this fascinating documentary directs his gaze to the brilliant trail he left in the art of portraiture. To this end, it has the direction of the expert director Phil Grabsky already mentioned above and a series of stellar appearances by experts from the most relevant galleries worldwide.

5. Fake or fortune?

The X-Files painting, including Mulder and Skully. You will find this Netflix documentary series very entertaining as through several chapters and using real police investigation techniques and forensic technology, Fiona Bruce and Philip Mold will determine if the paintings in question are authentic or high-quality forgeries.

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