Botany + watercolors. The perfect sum of the Spanish portrait painter Riso Chan

Botánica + acuarelas. La suma perfecta de la retratista española Riso Chan - Nomadart

The Spanish artist resumes her flooded portraits, although on this occasion she explores nature within the human being.

Her real name is Ángela María Sierra , daughter of a sculptor mother, although from the Amsterdam where she now lives she is better known as Riso Chan .

The Portrait as a way of life by Riso Chan

The important thing, in any case, is the interior, as she herself has demonstrated in each and every one of her works. Some portraits and self-portraits that have become his hallmark for being flooded, superimposing the theme to the one that at that moment needs to give a louder voice.

Portraiture is a very powerful way of expressing emotions and human beauty.”

Riso Chan

Botany is the theme chosen to flood his new work

Although in her previous works, such as Still A Kid Inside , Chan, who is also a creative teacher, explored the childhood we never lose, filling her portraits with the scribbles of very young apprentice painters, now she has decided that her works take the botany (branches, leaves, flowers, gardens) as a colorful transcript of the soul of his creations . And therefore also of who looks at them.

Riso Chan's innovative technique to bring his works to life.

For her, the portraits "are a language in itself, which does not use words to communicate", and she makes them, as she explains on her website , using a mixture of watercolors and then the Procreate program, which allows her to " work digitally but maintaining a handmade touch”.

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