How to get a neutral style decoration

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The Neutral Style is one of the most current and attractive interior decoration trends of recent years. The decoration in a neutral style brings a sense of calm, balance and timeless elegance, which is easily conquered, providing a feeling of immediate comfort. If you are looking to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your room, at Nomadart we give you the keys to achieve it, with the best tips and tricks, as well as a selection of paintings that fit perfectly in neutral decoration .

Neutral colors

The colors are essential to achieve a neutral effect in the decoration. Opt for soft, neutral tones, such as white, cream, beige, light gray, or soft earth tones. These colors convey a sense of calm and provide a neutral base for the rest of your décor.

different textures

Introduce a variety of textures to add depth and dimension to the room. You can use fabrics such as linen, cotton, velvet or wool in curtains, cushions or blankets. Adding subtle textures to the walls, such as textured wallpaper or molding, can also be an interesting option.

The lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a neutral environment. Opt for soft, diffused lighting that provides a warm, welcoming light. Use table lamps, wall sconces, or recessed lights to create different levels of lighting and highlight certain decorative elements.

Furniture and accessories

Select furniture and accessories in natural materials: Choose furniture in neutral tones that blend with the color palette of the room. Furniture made of light wood, white, gray or beige are excellent options to maintain harmony and coherence in the space. Pair with accessories in soft tones, such as vases, picture frames or candles, to add little touches of visual interest.

white is key

White is an essential color to achieve a neutral effect. Use it in details and elements that you want to highlight in the room, such as bedding, curtains, cushions or carpets. White brings lightness and clarity to the space, while highlighting the feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

minimalist art

Opt for artwork in neutral tones or soft colors. Black-and-white photography, soft-toned abstract paintings, or minimalist illustrations are ideal choices for keeping your aesthetic neutral. Avoid too colorful or flashy pieces that can break the visual harmony.

They are a series of simple tips that will help you achieve harmony and tranquility in space. Remember: use neutral colors, play with textures, balance points of light and shadow, select natural furniture and soft tones, use white to add points of light and opt for minimalist art.

At Nomadart, we want to make it a little easier for you, so don't miss out on our selection of neutral paintings or if you prefer, immerse yourself in our wide collection of prints , to choose the perfect complement for your decoration.

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