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ArteMejora tu decoración con láminas de arte: Consejos para seleccionar las láminas adecuadas

Mejora tu decoración con láminas de arte: Consejos para seleccionar las láminas adecuadas

En este artículo, exploraremos los diferentes tipos de láminas de arte, los factores a considerar al elegir una obra de arte, cómo combinarlas con tu estilo decorativo y mucho más.

ArteEl arte en las paredes: una ventana hacia el bienestar personal - Nomadart

Art on the walls: a window to personal well-being

Art is a powerful tool to transform any space into a corner full of life, personality and emotions. Have you ever wondered how the decoration of your walls can influence your mood, your personalit...

DecoraciónBeneficios de invertir en una buena decoracion - Nomadart

Benefits of investing in good decoration

A good home environment is vital for our well-being. Decoration plays a fundamental role in creating that environment that makes us feel comfortable and happy. Have you ever noticed how a well-d...

cuadrosDecoración para el salón: cómo decorar las paredes - Nomadart

Decoration for the living room: how to decorate the walls

The transformation of the walls of your living room can have numerous benefits for the decoration of your home. First of all, changing the look of the walls can give a whole living room a new look,...

DecoraciónLa guía definitiva para elegir la decoración de pared perfecta: un enfoque paso a paso - Nomadart

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wall Décor – A Step-by-Step Approach

Before you start looking for wall décor, it's important to consider a few key factors. These factors will help you make informed decisions and find the right décor for your home.

DecoraciónDecora con cuadros como un profesional - Nomadart

Decorate with pictures like a pro

Decorating the walls with paintings is an exciting art that can completely transform the atmosphere of any space. As a decorating expert, I encourage you to express your personal style and experime...

cuadrosLienzo sin cristal o cuadro con cristal: ¿Qué acabado elegir para tus cuadros? - Nomadart

Canvas without glass or painting with glass: what finish to choose for your paintings?

When choosing the way to present your paintings or photographs, one of the key aspects to consider is the type of finish you want. Two common options are canvas without glass and painting with gla...

cuadrosCómo elegir el número de cuadros perfecto para decorar una pared - Nomadart

How to choose the perfect number of frames to decorate a wall

A wall to decorate is like a blank page. It offers endless options. Should you hang a single large painting or create a sort of collection or gallery with multiple paintings? These are our tips ...

DecoraciónCómo conseguir una decoración de estilo neutro - Nomadart

How to get a neutral style decoration

If you are looking to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your room, we give you the keys to achieve it, with the best tips and tricks, as well as a selection of paintings that fit perfectly ...

cuadrosCómo elegir cuadros para decorar una habitación pequeña - Nomadart

How to choose paintings to decorate a small room

Small rooms always pose greater challenges than large ones when it comes to arranging furniture and of course how to decorate them. To obtain maximize the space and create a feeling of spaciousne...

DecoraciónConsejos para enmarcar un cuadro - Nomadart

Tips for framing a painting

Framing a painting correctly involves considering a variety of key elements. The choice of frame material and colour, size and style, the use of suitable mounts, proper mounting, stylistic consist...

Arte abstractoEl arte abstracto y su influencia en la decoración - Nomadart

Abstract art and its influence on decoration

Abstract art has evolved over time to become an influential form of artistic expression and a versatile tool in modern decoration. His use of unconventional colors, shapes, and compositions adds a ...

DecoraciónCómo decorar las paredes del salón - Nomadart

How to decorate living room's walls

Wall décor can make a big difference in the overall look of your home. The paintings are an excellent option to add color, personality and style to a room. The best part is that there are many way...

Decoración3 Consejos para enmarcar tus fotografías de forma adecuada - Nomadart

3 Tips to frame your photographs properly

Whether it is a work by an artist that conveys a lot to you, of great sentimental value, or merely decorative, photography is one of the elements most likely to be framed. When framing a photo, the...

DecoraciónCómo iluminar tus cuadros para que destaquen aún más - Nomadart

How to light your paintings to make them stand out even more

The lighting of a painting is fundamental. Almost as essential as placing it in a suitable place and height. Because a little or poorly lit painting will determine how the painting looks and what...