Love is preserved in a vacuum: the plasticized society of Haruhiko Kawaguchi

El amor se conserva al vacío: la sociedad plastificada de Haruhiko Kawaguchi - Nomadart

The Japanese photographer has been encapsulating reality in plastic for years to “capture the feeling.”

In today's world it is undeniable that there are two things that will never run out: love... and plastics. So why not put them together? That was the question that Haruhiko Kawaguchi asked himself at the beginning of his time as a photographer. This Japanese (Tokyo, 1971), who uses Photographer Hal as his artistic nickname, already became famous with his work Flesh Love ("Carnal Love" or "Fresh Love") in which he vacuum-sealed 80 couples, fusing body and soul.

I want to capture love as it is and plastic is an ideal vehicle to encapsulate the vivid reality in my images. Haruhiko Kawaguchi

Haruhiko Kawaguchi's new project

Kawaguchi has gone one step further in his search for awareness against irresponsible pollution and contamination and in a kind of Love in the times of Covid he has materialized a society in which not only the relationship per se is preserved, but everything that surrounds it: the house they live in, the car they drive, the plants that decorate it...

A work exhibited around the world

“Currently I am looking for new dimensions in photography, challenging the majestic theme of humanity, always defined through love,” explained the artist , who has exhibited his work not only in Japan, but also in Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, United States or Taiwan.

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