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The multicolored art hidden in the climbing of Luke Rasmussen

Photo artist Luke Rasmussen uses long-exposure images to illustrate the path he takes while climbing various rocks.

Abroad. Desert. Evening. In any cinematographic scene, if a rainbow suddenly appeared, the film would fall off as something completely implausible. But without a doubt it is because they would not know the work of Luke Rasmussen , a photographic artist who with his "long exposure experiments" manages his climbing routes to become multicolored spectacles.

With my photographs I try to somehow capture the passage of time and freeze it

luke rasmussen

Photography and climbing, a combinable hobby.

Rasmussen, whose love of climbing rocks and crags comes from growing up in Utah, very close to the mountains of Colorado, and it is a sport that he has maintained for 17 years, perfecting the technique until reaching extremely difficult peaks, has created the series Climbing Inspire , taking advantage of programmable LED lights that he straps to his body, remote control of his camera, and “climb as fast as possible to get that fluid look” he's going for.

How does Luke Rasmussen do it?

It has two types of photography: opening the shutter and closing it when it reaches the top, but this only works for short climbs, less than ten minutes, changing its LED color every 2 seconds automatically; or, when the rock formation requires more time, open the shutter in 30-second bursts, manually varying the color himself, then stitch it all together in Photoshop.

All image and copyright rights belong to the artist cited in this entry

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