Lewis Miller's floral hooliganism through the streets of New York

El gamberrismo floral de Lewis Miller por las calles de New York - Nomadart

The artist invites passers-by to reflect on the need for natural beauty in everyday spaces , filling emblematic places of the city of skyscrapers with flower arrangements.

When you think of New York you can envision a multitude of ideas in your head, from asphalt to glass, bridges, iron or the Statue of Liberty itself, but it is difficult for you to think of anything that has to do with the flowers. Instead, for Lewis Miller , born and raised in California, it's the complete opposite.

Phone Booth – 100th Street & West End Ave

Lewis Miller, from horticulture to art.

This artist, who studied horticulture and landscape design, has insisted that immense flower arrangements make unexpected places shine, empty of multicolored life. This is where his Flower flashes were born, a project with which he brightens the day of New York passers-by as they pass by phone booths (his most famous work, on the Upper West Side, being one of the last in The Big Apple). , subway stations, garbage cans, traffic lights or signs since these have huge flower arrangements.

Heart – 53rd Street & 5th Avenue

Flower Flashes, temporary installations with a message.

Sometimes passers-by even take one as a souvenir, as another of Miller's maxims is that his designs disappear in a few hours to contribute to the unusual and fleeting experience of the installation.

A “hooligan” and team artistic work.

This almost vandalistic work or that of hooligans with a love for nature is carried out together with his "magnificent and good-hearted team, in constant search of beauty", as he defines them on his website.

We seek to create an emotional response through flowers and give New Yorkers the same experience we give our customers.

lewis miller

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