The impossible hyperrealism of Darian Mederos

The Cuban painter stands out more every day on social networks thanks to his own style in which the hyperrealist technique is as invisible as the result is surprising.

Since he lives and works in Miami, the artist Darian Rodríguez Mederos , 28, has become one of the painters that arouses the most interest on social networks.

Darian Mederos painting one of his works in the studio

On the beginnings of Darian Mederos

He began to stand out in his first years at the Leopoldo Romañach art school, in his native Cuba, to later spend the last two years at San Alejandro, in Havana.

The success in Social Networks of Darian Mederos

Rare is the Twitter or Instagram art account that has not published any of its paintings to the surprise of its followers. And it is not for less: the artist brings to his hyperrealist paintings an element so common that it looks like a surrealist verse, turning the work into a slight deformation of what he was most afraid of painting: faces.

On the technique of Darian Mederos

Mederos likes to play with light and, above all, put technique at its service. Easily recognizable are his works in which he seems to have placed an alveolar film (or as it is known worldwide, bubble wrap) in front of the viewer's eyes, although he has also played with water reflections or even maxi-pointillism.

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