Paper as the foundation of the world: the work of Ale Rambar

Mountains layer by layer cut to form human figures, we review how the art of this architect and natural artist from Costa Rica works.

Paper planes, paper boats, paper flowers. Something a bit basic about origami that quickly fell behind in the career of Ale Rambar, a Costa Rican artist who has made the world of cellulose his favorite material to create, despite the redundancy, worlds, and to be able to travel with them, opening places for dialogue and creating LGTBI metaphors.


About the Ale Rambar technique

But its reliefs have the intense characteristic of topography. Using his architectural studies, Rambar creates three-dimensional pieces by creating three-dimensional portraits as if his models were mountains, valleys, rivers. An art made layer by layer and assembled by hand that serves to talk about topics as diverse as, in his most recent collections, Tolerance (2018), Libertades (2019) and Chasing pearls (2019), queer ideals, machismo, diversity sexual and gender issues.

Playing with dolls.
Playing with dolls. (detail)

On the beginnings of Ale Rambar

His idea, however, came to him thinking about his childhood, how, as a child, he imagined the mountains he saw in national parks with human forms. He has toured many galleries in his country and always tries to get that message of social peace and respect between the individual and nature (and his own nature).


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