The eternal and tanned summer of Akila Berjaoui

The Australian photographer is one of the artists who has best known how to capture what the beaches mean during the summer season.

The sea, the shore, the sun, the towels, the horizon, the waves. All the arts, such as Joaquín Sorolla in painting, have shown an obsession with the summer season in certain international artists. In the case of photography, the Australian based in Paris Akila Berjaoui is one of the greatest exponents.

La Piscine - Photography by

The last days of Summer, his latest project.

His images of tanned bodies, sometimes through a pose and others the result of chance (not so random to the expert eye), of crowded beaches and also of those forgotten or those readings with a breeze on their faces have made many of them those who cannot enjoy the summer on the coast dive into their snapshots.

The girl from Ipanema - Photography by

Technique and project locations

Shot on film, with which the photographer achieves that nostalgic effect, almost eternal but timeless summer, her images are taken on various trips she has made throughout her life (Italy, France, Brazil), but also from her land native (he was born in Tween Heads, north of the oceanic country) or Beirut, in Lebanon, where his father was from.

Versace - Photography by

On the influences of the photographer Akila Berjaoui

"Back then, the city was known as the Paris of the Middle East, because it was very cosmopolitan. And the coast was impressive," he recently told iD, where he is compared, for his use of anonymous people in Edenic and Mediterranean places to Claude Nori and Slim Aarons.

We live a stone's throw from what you would call the Lebanese Riviera , so I definitely feel that the Mediterranean lifestyle shaped my aesthetic from a very young age.

Flame Thrower - Photography by
Capsize - Photography by
Brazilian Boys Club - Photography by
Capri Slumbers - Photography by

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