Balloon Twisting and Biology: we are talking about Masayoshi Matsumoto

The Japanese artist has been surprising on social networks for several years with his extremely high level of detail , creating an incredible series of animals only with balloons and air.

There are young people who see a clown twist a balloon into a little dog and they are gawked, but possibly when Masayoshi Matusmoto saw it as a child he thought that he not only wanted to know how he had done it, but that surely he could cover all of zoology. to create your small private reserve. And he got to it.

The globofexia An artistic technique on the rise?

As an artist who works with balloon twisting, Matsumoto knows that his work cannot last over time, but this does not bother this Japanese man who has been perfecting his work for more than a decade.

Although balloons wither over time, they have the same transitory nature as ikebana (Japanese art of flower arranging) and I think it's a wonderful thing.

masayoshi matusmoto

The importance of the material in the globofexia

Not only is this artist a master when it comes to choosing the different types of balloons he works with, from opaque to those with metallic effects, but on his YouTube channel he explains various peculiarities of his work, such as each “animal” takes between 3 and six hours (beyond the design) or that, contrary to what you might think, does not use any type of adhesive.

Do you want to get started in the world of ballooning?

If you think you need a hobby, hobbies or something different to do, we have the solution for you. The artist participates in a YouTube channel where he shows step by step how to create one of these plastic and air wonders. Do not worry because he does not choose the most complex ones for his private classes, but uses a simpler style so that you can get started without too many complications. Who knows, maybe you will find a hidden talent that you can get a lot of use out of ;-)

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