INTANGIBLES: An art exhibition... without works of art?

The sample is made up of nine technological installations that use different techniques. It can be visited at the Fundación Telefónica de Madrid until February 23, 2020.

Nothing replaces the brush, the stroke, the chisel and the burin or the exact moment in which the shutter captures an instant of perfection. Ok, we all agree. But we are in the 21st century and that means that there will be certain changes. It is not the same to see the Sistine Chapel from the inside than from Wikipedia, although wouldn't you like to be able to look God in the face in Michelangelo's painting as if you were the Adam in a fresco? Or press a Mondrian? Or see the folds that María de Lempicka painted in three dimensions? Hell yeah, it can be exciting. There are new experiences that combine the known plastic reality with something similar to the future. That is INTANGIBLES , a show without physical, tangible works, but where you can enjoy René Magritte or Juan Gris.

A visitor to the INTANGIBLES exhibition enjoying a work in Virtual Reality

What this innovative exhibition seeks is, above all, to be experimental, both in its approach and in the idea of ​​creating a whole experience for the visitor. This is called design thinking but come on, if you don't want to, don't call it that. As a play on words, the latter is very good, but let's see, without rushing, because 'Intangibles', which can be visited on the third floor of Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid until February 23, 2020, is based on works by the company itself. company collection. Wait : so where is the innovation? The format, always the format.

Virtual reality (VR), photogrammetry, videomapping, 3D, software development and image analysis technology or digital painting are some of the techniques that have been used and many of the words that those who visit it will find. Basically it is a crazy reinterpretation of great names in recent art history such as Eduardo Chillida, María Blanchard, Antoni Tàpies, Joaquín Torres García, Roberto Matta, Paul Delvaux or the already mentioned Gris and Magritte.

Work “Psychological Morphology” by Roberto Matta© Matta, VEGAP, Madrid

In fact, no one should be shy, because the exhibition seeks to introduce the visitor to a sculpture by Chillida, play with the cubism of Gris or Blanchard or paint automatically like Matta. 'Intangibles' seeks to make us reflect on the absolute technological advance and no turning back that we have experienced for some time now. This is said a lot, it was also said in the Industrial Revolution, but they are given a vote of confidence, especially because it brings more news, such as that it will be a global exhibition. And when we say global we mean from a lot of places.

Visitor of the INTANGIBLES exhibition enjoying one of its novelties

But not as a tour, but in real time, since, in addition to the Spanish capital, it will be shown simultaneously in Mexico City, Lima, Bogotá, Quito, Mar del Plata, Santiago de Chile and Montevideo. This way of playing with artistic space-time is reinforced with the use of the Intangible World Map, designed specifically for the occasion and which will allow experiences to be joined, comments to be shared, and the sensations of the various audiences that visit any of the eight exhibitions to be shared. , either in Spain or Latin America.

In short: more than an art exhibition without works of art, let's say that they are not what comes to mind when you think of a work of art. It is impossible for the classical forms of culture to disappear because they are part of everyday life and will end up coexisting with technology without taking away space. Because isn't art in continuous evolution and looking for new methods of surprise? Will we ever get used to considering the digital format as valid as canvas or marble? Will this article end with a rhetorical question?

Visitors to the INTANGIBLES exhibition interacting with one of his works.

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