Juan Aballe captures the nostalgic ambiguity of emptied Spain

The Madrid photographer travels the Iberian Peninsula for his monographic project 'Country Fictions'.

The question is how to portray the rural world photographically so that "ambiguity and uncertainty" help to better understand the inhabitants of that emptied Spain? Juan Aballe (Madrid, 1975) returns with Country Fictions , a new project after his highly acclaimed Last Best Hope.

About the photographer Juan Aballe

After going through a photographic laboratory while studying Chemistry in Madrid and Berlin, Aballe decided to study documentary and conceptual photography at the International Center of Photography in New York, as well as a master's degree in the Spanish capital, where he now resides. He has exhibited in Portugal, England, Italy, Japan and Australia.

Country Fictions, the new project by Juan Aballe

With Country Fictions, he intends to generate images that serve as fragments of an imagined life, as a series of dreams that make up an open story.

They are photographs that are torn between hope and doubt, between a romantic gaze and a certain disenchantment.

Juan Aballe

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