Jon Berkeley's modern illustrated micro-stories

Los modernos microcuentos ilustrados de Jon Berkeley - Nomadart

The Dublin author living in Catalonia since 1997 manages to judge world news with his successful proposals, being the cover of some of the best-known international newspapers and magazines.

You have to think of a concept and, from it, get an idea of ​​the agenda that the newspapers handle in recent days. It seems simple like that, but only some inspiration catches them working. And one of them is without a doubt the Irish illustrator Jon Berkeley , 58 years old.

After traveling the length and breadth of the world, from London to Sydney or Hogn-Kong (before the Internet there was no other way than to knock door to door looking for work), this cartoonist, who has settled in Sitges since 1997, made a name for himself thanks to his works for children, but quickly his sagacity when it came to summarizing the social situation of the moment in an illustrated micro-story led to him being contacted by large media.

Hence his works , in which from climate change or technology such as Goya's Saturn devouring his son consumes us to the xenophobic message of Donald Trump in the US elections or the already "reign" of Putin in Russia, are become a single illustration with a strong message and have been seen in numerous renowned publications such as Time, The Economist, The Sunday, Newsweek, Hot Press or The LA Times .

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