Mandragore: the skyscraper that could change the future of New York

Mandragore: el rascacielos que podría cambiar el futuro de Nueva York - Nomadart

The project would mean the construction of the tallest green building in the world. The idea is that it is completely sustainable, absorbing more carbon dioxide than it produces.

First, the data: 737 meters high, 160 floors, 36 wind turbines, around 1,600 trees, more than 24,000 square meters of green and living walls and 7,000 of photovoltaic facades. Then the where: Roosevelt Island, between Manhattan and Queens , just south of the famous Queensboro Bridge. Next, who: French architecture studio Rescubika, based in Paris. And finally, the what: we are talking about Mandragore , which is called to be the tallest ecological skyscraper in the world.

With a sinuous design reminiscent of the plant of the same name, this spectacular project is an example of biomimicry : that is, nature as a source of inspiration to solve human problems... and, where appropriate, also having sustainability as the ultimate goal.

Because Mandragore not only has its own passive methods for heating and cooling its interior or home office spaces, seeking to avoid travel and favoring teleworking (thus reducing public transport traffic) but also takes into account the concept of energy sobriety , a lifestyle change that enacts achieving CO2 neutrality. For this reason, the main characteristic of this skyscraper is that its carbon emissions are negative : it will absorb more than it produces.

So if you're itching to travel to New York , keep in mind that the design is a response to the City of Tomorrow Project , which seeks to make The Big Apple fully carbon neutral by 2050.

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