Look at it again!: Monica Carvalho's perfect photomontages

¡Míralo de nuevo!: los fotomontajes perfectos de Monica Carvalho - Nomadart

The Swiss photographer has a simple motto: “Make the ordinary extraordinary.” She carries it out perfectly through photographic collages of simple composition but with a lot of meaning.

A meditated surrealism, very thought out, almost like Chema Madoz , Laura Quevedo or Kit Layfield . But without so much metaphor. Just the shape, the color, the ingenuity. That is the key to the work of the Swiss artist based in Berlin Monica Carvalho, who creates impossible scenarios by annexing and juxtaposing concepts that are no longer antagonistic, but directly never intended to collaborate artistically.

Photography without limits…everything can be combined

Through similarities in color, texture or appearance, the young artist, fascinated since childhood by “photography and illusionism” and captivated by the surrealist movement, as she herself says on her website , is able to impress her viewers. mixing snails with brown eyes, conchs as ears, vaults as breasts, arms as loaves of bread, goats as airplanes or STOP signs as lips.

All the work, merit of the artist

Since he discovered the possibilities of Photoshop, he says, his life motto has been “ Make the ordinary something extraordinary .” As she herself states, everyday life can be so bland that we tend not to perceive things beyond what they are for.

My work aims to offer a new way of looking at everyday things , elevating their meanings. There is potential inspiration everywhere, it just depends on our perspective

Monica Carvalho

Ah! And an important fact: all the photographs were taken by her , which makes these “artistic adventures” not only exciting per se, but also “incredibly personal” for Carvalho.

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