Five Shapes Collection

Five Shapes is a collection of two abstract style works. A personal challenge from the Ukrainian artist Alisa Galitsyna, where she proposes to create a collage composition using exclusively 5 abstract cutouts of wallpaper.
Colección Five Shapes - Nomadart

The collage you were looking for.

If you are looking for a collage composition that brings color and life to your space, this is your collection. Its boiler and blue colors combine perfectly with each other, creating transparencies, organic textures and imperfections that merge harmoniously and create finished and cohesive compositions. A collection that invites free interpretation based on personal meanings and emotions.

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Five Shapes IIFive Shapes II
Alisa Galitsyna
Five Shapes II Sale priceFrom €29,00
Five Shapes IFive Shapes I
Alisa Galitsyna
Five Shapes I Sale priceFrom €29,00

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