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Raisa Zwart

Raisa Zwart is a travel photographer from the Netherlands whose snapshots are taken from all over the world. The timelessness of the images and their quality is one of her main hallmarks. If you are passionate about the world you live in, Raisa is the photographer for you.

Raisa Zwart

The Pursuit of Beauty

The world is full of incredible stories, unexplored places and beauty in the most unexpected places. That's exactly what Dutch photographer Raisa Zwart pursues and manages to capture all over the world.

Official Fujifilm X Photographer Ambassador since 2019, she is one of the few artists who shoots with a high-quality medium format camera. Shooting in medium format guarantees photos of the highest quality, with an emphasis on timelessness and an artistic vision.

This artist

Fascinates us by

Her vision of the world is conveyed in each of his photographs. If you've been lucky enough to be in one of the places he photographs, you suddenly feel a brutal connection to that snapshot. That is art.


Photography is her tool to show people how he sees the world. Full of amazing places, loving people and details that tell real stories. She is inspired by nature, travel and the stories of the people he comes across on his journeys.


The timelessness of the images and their quality are one of my main points of interest. She shoots both film and digital and focuses mainly on colour, main lines and composition.

A curiosity

Did you know that Raisa started out as a law student? But on her way to becoming a lawyer, she found photography. Or maybe photography found her. In any case, it was love at first sight. We may have lost a great lawyer, but we gained an exceptional photographer.

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Red Wall in CoralRed Wall in Coral
Raisa Zwart
Red Wall in Coral Sale priceFrom €29,00
Surfer coupleSurfer couple
Raisa Zwart
Surfer couple Sale priceFrom €29,00
Red Tennis Court at Sunrise IIRed Tennis Court at Sunrise II
Red Tennis Court at SunriseRed Tennis Court at Sunrise
Pottery in Earth TonesPottery in Earth Tones
Raisa Zwart
Pottery in Earth Tones Sale priceFrom €29,00
Paris Modern CafeParis Modern Cafe
Raisa Zwart
Paris Modern Cafe Sale priceFrom €29,00
Orange and Turquoise San Miguel de AllendeOrange and Turquoise San Miguel de Allende
One way SignOne way Sign
Raisa Zwart
One way Sign Sale priceFrom €29,00
Raisa Zwart
NZ-67 Sale priceFrom €29,00
Magical MarrakechMagical Marrakech
Raisa Zwart
Magical Marrakech Sale priceFrom €29,00
Hotel CardronaHotel Cardrona
Raisa Zwart
Hotel Cardrona Sale priceFrom €29,00
Fall Colored LeavesFall Colored Leaves
Raisa Zwart
Fall Colored Leaves Sale priceFrom €29,00
Ericeira Sunset LandscapeEriceira Sunset Landscape
Raisa Zwart
Ericeira Sunset Landscape Sale priceFrom €29,00
Clear Blue WaterClear Blue Water
Raisa Zwart
Clear Blue Water Sale priceFrom €29,00
Botanical Garden of Paris IIBotanical Garden of Paris II
Botanical Garden of Paris IBotanical Garden of Paris I