Flower Flower Flower

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The artwork captures the essence of floral beauty with a simple but captivating design. A harmonious composition that evokes a feeling of tranquility and wonder. Each element of the work symbolizes the vibrant energy and timeless elegance of flowers, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world. "Flowers Flowers Flowers" is a visual ode to the captivating charm of floral motifs, offering a serene and enchanting experience to admirers of the art of nature.
Format: Paper Print


Measurement (cm): 30x40

Measurement (cm)

framing: Frameless


Handmade with love
Ready to hang up


Arty Guava

Lay Hoon, better known by her nickname Arty Guava, is a Malaysian-born artist currently residing in Vancouver (Canada). Their designs show vibrant flowers, festive poses and animals that move freely through nature, conveying a joyful passion for life sprinkled with a touch of fantasy.

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