Rest and Relax

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Rest and Relax invites you to contemplate a woman resting in the middle of nature, merging with her surroundings and connecting deeply with the natural world. The work portrays her in a state of tranquility and contentment, embracing the comfort of her surroundings and finding peace within herself. “Rest and Relax” is a visual reminder of the rejuvenating power of connecting with the natural world and finding solace in its embrace.

Format: Paper Print


Measurement (cm): 30x40

Measurement (cm)

framing: Frameless


Handmade with love
Ready to hang up


Arty Guava

Lay Hoon, better known by her nickname Arty Guava, is a Malaysian-born artist currently residing in Vancouver (Canada). Their designs show vibrant flowers, festive poses and animals that move freely through nature, conveying a joyful passion for life sprinkled with a touch of fantasy.

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