Anna Morner

The work of Anna Mörner, born and based in Stockholm, encompasses painting, illustration and photography. His signature style distinguishes his work in everything from figurative illustrations to his abstract works.

Anna Morner

Art without ties

Swedish artist Anna Mörner's work encompasses painting, illustration, ceramics and installations. His unique approach to color and line can be seen in his works, from figurative illustrations to abstract works. Create art with a bold sense of purpose and character.

"My goal is not to achieve perfection with my art, for me it is about finding a balance and a composition that is interesting, but also complements itself."

From his studio located on a small island in the center of the city called Långholmen, he works full-time as an artist, although he also takes on photography and graphic design projects. In the last two years she has explored the use of other materials as a canvas for her works, such as textiles, ceramics and furniture.

This artist

Fascinates us by

The freedom he projects when giving life to his forms is incredible. The relationship between his art and nature is always present, creating something unique never seen before.


An artist who has greatly inspired him is Jill Mulleady from Los Angeles. Her color combinations are very interesting and she loves the way her art tells a story.


Anna works primarily with acrylic, oil and pastel paint, and has a soft color palette that reflects her inner nature.

A curiosity

Did you know that Anna is an unconditional animal lover? His passion for dogs is such that he has recently launched a brand of dog accessories, in tribute to his love for animals.

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Red LilyRed Lily
Anna Mörner
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Cobolt LilyCobolt Lily
Anna Mörner
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Blue LilyBlue Lily
Anna Mörner
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Black RoseBlack Rose
Anna Mörner
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Anna Mörner
swan Sale priceFrom €29,00
Let's Begin were we ended nº2Let's Begin were we ended nº2
Anna Mörner
Lake Sale priceFrom €29,00
Anna Mörner
Growth Sale priceFrom €29,00
Face PortraitFace Portrait
Anna Mörner
Face Portrait Sale priceFrom €29,00
Flower VaseFlower Vase
Anna Mörner
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Pink LilyPink Lily
Anna Mörner
Pink Lily Sale priceFrom €29,00