Adam's Ribs

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It is common for Adam to be depicted as a person of African descent. According to some accounts, he fell into a deep sleep, during which one of his ribs was removed and the wound closed; Subsequent events are widely recognized as historical events. Interestingly, in Brazil, Monstera delicious, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, is called "Costela de Adão", which translates to "Adam's Ribs". This name establishes a connection between the plant and the story of Adam and his rib. As a robust tropical plant, Monstera delicious thrives vigorously, often climbing and wrapping around trees and various surfaces.

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GG✷OBRABO is a multidisciplinary visual artist in search of a connection with Brazilian Amerindian and Afrodiasporic history and heritage. His passion for art intersects with psychoanalysis, Pan-Africanism, Afrofuturism and the desire to question, analyze and constitute himself as a subject conscious of his own identity and his time.

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