Apollo and Daphne

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Another of the magnificent works that Alice Kwan's trip to Italy brought us is this, Apollo and Daphne. In which he captures the marble sculpture with the same name, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, exhibited at the Galleria Borghese in Rome. Alice chooses a very peculiar perspective, in which she captures the sculpture from behind and invites us to contemplate the marvelous architectural and artistic environment of the Galleria. The colors, between pink and ocher tones, are very representative of his work.
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Measurement (cm): 30x40

Measurement (cm)

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alice kwan

Alice Kwan is an Oxford-based artist, born and raised in Hong Kong. Combining her previous experience in graphic design with her love of fine art, her work is characterized by intuitive brushwork, expressive rhythms, and the use of mixed materials.

From an early age, Alice has been immersed in the world of art and has developed an innate passion for creativity. With a background in graphic design, he gained strong technical skills and a deep understanding of visual composition. However, his true vocation has always been artistic expression through painting.

Alice Kwan's work draws on her rich cultural heritage and her experience of living in two places as different as Hong Kong and Oxford. His identity as an artist is influenced by the fusion of these two cultures, resulting in a unique and distinctive style.

His intuitive strokes capture the essence of his subjects in a free and expressive way. Using a variety of mixed media, including acrylics and oils, Alice experiments with textures and colors, creating a visual symphony on each canvas.

Her passion for art and her commitment to authenticity drive her to continue creating works that inspire, provoke emotions and connect with the viewer on a deep level.

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