Eu sou Neguinha

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The vibrant essence of the Chichá-do-cerrado plant is harmoniously intertwined with the representation of a genderless black figure. Symbolizing the deep connection between nature and humanity, the work transcends the boundaries of gender and ethnicity, celebrating both the intricate beauty of indigenous Brazilian flora and the diversity of human identity. The vivid hues of the Chichá-do-cerrado flowers reflect the richness of individual expression, while the shape of the figure speaks to the fluidity of human experience. Together, they evoke a sense of unity, resilience, and the powerful interaction between culture and the natural world.

Format: Paper Print


Measurement (cm): 30x40

Measurement (cm)

Frame: No frame


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GG✷OBRABO is a multidisciplinary visual artist in search of a connection with Brazilian Amerindian and Afrodiasporic history and heritage. His passion for art intersects with psychoanalysis, Pan-Africanism, Afrofuturism and the desire to question, analyze and constitute himself as a subject conscious of his own identity and his time.

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