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In this work (as well as in all his creations), the main objective is to perfectly integrate elements of the indigenous peoples of Brazil, the Portuguese settlers and the countless African souls brought and enslaved to the Americas. By amalgamating the culinary traditions, belief systems, visual aesthetics, and languages ​​of these groups, a unique and diverse Brazilian culture emerged. This mix of influences is the key ingredient that has contributed to the richness and diversity of Brazilian culture.

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Measurement (cm): 30x40
framing: No frame
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GG✷OBRABO is a multidisciplinary visual artist in search of a connection with Brazilian Amerindian and Afrodiasporic history and heritage. His passion for art intersects with psychoanalysis, Pan-Africanism, Afrofuturism and the desire to question, analyze and constitute himself as a subject conscious of his own identity and his time.

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