Menino do Rio

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Inspired by the timeless song "Menino do Rio" by Brazilian musical icon Caetano Veloso, this performance encapsulates the celebration of youth, freedom and the unmistakable spirit of Rio. The artwork vividly captures the joy of living in the present and embracing life's simple pleasures. Italso embodies an undercurrent of sensuality, delving into the themes of desire and pleasure expressed in the song. The work is a visual tribute to the essence of the song, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the vibrant rhythm of Rio's unique charm.

Format: Print
Measurement (cm): 30x40
framing: No frame
Handmade with love
Ready to hang up



GG✷OBRABO is a multidisciplinary visual artist in search of a connection with Brazilian Amerindian and Afrodiasporic history and heritage. His passion for art intersects with psychoanalysis, Pan-Africanism, Afrofuturism and the desire to question, analyze and constitute himself as a subject conscious of his own identity and his time.

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