The Oldtimer

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Format: Leaf


Measurement (cm): 30x40

Measurement (cm)

framing: Frameless


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One of the most emblematic cars of the 20th century was undoubtedly the Volkswagen Beetle, which was designed almost 100 years ago, in 1925. On her trip to Cascais, on the Portuguese coast, photographer Henrike Schenk photographed this example in a typical street. cobblestone of the city.


Henrike Schenk

Henrike Schenk is a young digital photographer, who discovered her true passion for photography in 2017, on a trip to Iceland, where her admiration for nature and the planet awoke her need to capture those magnificent landscapes, waterfalls and endless roads, and share them. through your camera.

His biggest references are definitely the colors of nature. The color of the sand, the sky, the ocean waters are constant inspiration for new works.

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