Art in the portfolio: María Roldán triumphs with her masterpiece bills

Arte en la cartera: María Roldán triunfa con sus billetes de obras maestras - Nomadart

The 26-year-old artist from Malaga paints small Picassos, Kahlos or Vermeers by hand and then lets the money take its course .

Sometimes it is difficult to put a price on the masterpieces of universal painting. But what if that appraisal was already the canvas itself? María Roldán, from Andalusia from 1994, always wanted to be a stewardess, but due to her tattoos her dream was ruined. So he thought of turning the tables: that it was his work that took those flights. Or the one who would pay them.

Cafe terrace ticket at night, Van Gogh

After painting The Creation of Adam , by Michelangelo, on a 10 euro bill and verifying that it was still legal (it will continue to have value as long as the serial number is not covered) when paying for a coffee, he found his vocation and has been around for about 60 masterpieces circulating in everyone's wallets. Like the anecdote about when she handed over a bill with a Picasso ( The Old Blind Guitarist ): “They asked me if they were the new five-euro bills,” the artist told the newspaper Nius .

Since I won't be able to travel as much as I imagined, at least this way a part of me can reach many places.

Maria Roldan

Ticket for The Persistence of Memory, Dalí

Although he claims that his favorite painter is Vincent van Gogh , he has also captured, even on dollar bills, Gustav Klimt, self-portraits of Frida Kahlo , surrealisms of Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, the impressionism of Claude Monet, the beaches of Joaquín Sorolla, the activism of Banksy , Girl with a Pearl Earring , by Johannes Vermeer, The Great Wave off Kanagawa , by Katsushika Hokusai, or The Scream , by Edvard Munch .

Banksy banknote

Van Gogh self-portrait ticket

In fact, he has even included scenes from movies or even The Simpsons in his small creations. “If it is an image with a lot of detail, it takes a long time. I can spend a whole day. Also, the paper of the banknotes is strange, you have to put many layers on it. “First I make a sketch on a piece of paper and try it, since when working with small dimensions not all designs look good,”Verne told the portal .

Dalí ticket, The Paper House

More than €1500 in art

We have taken the trouble (curiosity kills to be honest...) of accounting for the expenditure on “green canvases” by the artist from Malaga and the figure amounts in Euros to a total of €1,555 spent by the artist, without accounting for the expenditure on dollars which is obviously less. Of course, the sale price is obviously higher, although if you purchase one of these works in their store keep in mind that the discount is included in the price 😉

Waterlily billet, Mon et

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