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Channeling the spirit of Brazilian singer Itamar Assumpção, the piece embodies his bold and eclectic creativity. The vibrant colors and dynamic shapes reflect his musical innovation and urge viewers to explore uncharted artistic territories. Just as Assumpção fused genres, the artwork mixes tones and shapes, inviting contemplation of the connection between music and visual art. A vibrant tribute to his legacy, celebrating Assumpção's role as a fearless pioneer and encouraging others to embrace his artistic paths with bold enthusiasm.

Format: Print


Measurement (cm): 30x40

Measurement (cm)

framing: No frame


Handmade with love
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GG✷OBRABO is a multidisciplinary visual artist in search of a connection with Brazilian Amerindian and Afrodiasporic history and heritage. His passion for art intersects with psychoanalysis, Pan-Africanism, Afrofuturism and the desire to question, analyze and constitute himself as a subject conscious of his own identity and his time.

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