Sounds Of Day And Night Nº4

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Sounds Of Day And Night Nº4 is a work from the Sounds Of Day And Night series by Indian artist Swati Singh. This painting explores the interplay of light and dark, the visible and the invisible, with visual elements, marks, textures, and a history of layers to explore the natural beauty of Singapore's tropical landscape that unfolds before the artist every day: vivid black and yellow forms. which contrast beautifully with the muted pinks and grays with different organic shapes.

Format: Print
Measurement (cm): 30x40
Frame: No frame
Handmade with love
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Swati Singh

Swati Singh is a Singapore-based abstract expressionist artist. The endless possibilities of color, texture, form, and order in the apparent disorder of nature inspire her art, and she finds a voice in her work through the use of acrylics and mixed media on canvas and paper. These delicate yet strong compositions, through the use of vivid colors and abstract shapes, open up the endless possibilities of connection through the exploration of the natural environment and human emotions.

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