The 10 most surprising emerging artists of this 2020

Los 10 artistas emergentes más sorprendentes de este 2020 - Nomadart

From “rotten” fruits carved in diamonds to the life of Van Gogh made into a comic. We review the most striking artistic projects of this 2020.

It seems difficult to draw positive aspects from this unfortunate 2020, but whether we like it or not, it has them and you learn from everything. For our part, we have been able to verify first-hand an explosion of excessive creativity, due of course to a confinement that led us to an almost necessary fight against boredom, and led to the emergence of our most creative side.

Proof of all this are the works that have emerged throughout 2020, some by artists spontaneously inspired by historic events, others that have surely matured for years and which we have echoed to spread the implicit message of the artist. Here we summarize what for us have been the 10 most surprising emerging artists of this 2020. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

1. The impossible hyperrealism of Darian Mederos

This Cuban artist based in Miami was an explosion of ecstasy in our heads this 2020. His hyperrealism taken to the maximum (or minimum) detail has aroused massive interest on social networks, and no wonder. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

2. Luke Rasmussen and his multicolored art hidden in climbing

Beauty merges between photographic technique and extreme sport. Luke Rasmussen caught a glimpse of light where there was none and without being too lazy he showed us the way, specifically the routes that he himself climbed while his camera captured the feat. Some impressive photographs that freeze the passage of time in an unbeatable landscape. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

3. Balloon Twisting and Biology: we are talking about Masayoshi Matsumoto

Honestly, we were unaware of the possibility of taking balloon twisting to such an extreme of detail. When it is done with such a careful concept and aesthetics as the Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto does, then it easily attracts our attention. And so it was, his balloon fauna and air from his lungs have been great news this 2020. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

4. Lewis Miller's floral hooliganism through the streets of New York

Yet another artistic intervention, this time carried out on the streets of New York, very much in line with the situation we have experienced in 2020, which aroused special interest in us. Just as we observe wild animals roaming the cities, we can appreciate the impressive floral arrangements by the North American artist Lewis Miller, claiming the power and beauty of nature in emblematic spaces of the city of skyscrapers. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

5. Kathleen Ryan's dolled up rotten fruit

One of our favorite discoveries has undoubtedly been the Californian artist Kathleen Ryan and her “rotten” fruits, in this case diamonds. An inherent contrast in her works that has garnered wide public attention and critical acclaim, leading the artist to exhibit her opulent decaying fruits in renowned galleries around the world. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

6. Kit Layfield's surreal paradise face masks

And the masks became fashionable… or rather, they had to become fashionable. At the same time, the illustrator Kit Layfield, in the midst of all the commotion, unified a message of vindication and irony (all together) in illustrations that reveal complex breathing montages in futuristic masks. If a pandemic arrives in 200 years, will the masks be like this? You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

7. Alireza Karimi and her biographical comic about Van Gogh

It is true that you don't have to dig a lot to find the work of the Iranian illustrator Alireza Karimi Moghaddam. His work is more than well known on social networks and surely it will have impacted you at some time on your mobile screen. In any case, we think it is worth mentioning both for its originality and for its technique imitating the life and work of the Dutch genius in its digital version. But above all we included it in our summary because of the good vibes it gave us this year, which we needed. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

8. Juan Aballe captures the nostalgic ambiguity of the emptied Spain.

Although this project is prior to confinement, it has a lot to do with it. The Madrid photographer Juan Aballe shows us with his Country Fictions project the ambiguity and uncertainty that the inhabitants of emptied Spain experience in their day to day. Just as the streets of Spanish cities emptied due to confinement, his photographs show that romantic and hopeful side of some lonely spaces. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

9. Botany + watercolors. The perfect sum of the Spanish portrait painter Riso Chan

Exploring, exploring we found the exciting portraits of Riso Chan, which was love at first sight. At first we were misled by the fact that the project came from Amsterdam (and the name of the artist, why fool us), but when we realized that the artist was of Spanish origin, we felt a little extra pride. Ángela floods her botanical and nature watercolor portraits with a unique technique. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

10. Embroidery reinterprets history in the work of Victoria Villasana

Just when we thought we had seen it all this year, Victoria Villasana appears and dazzles us with her colorful embroideries that dress great characters from history. What can we say about the Queen of England dressed in a Mexican-style bison... well, it's scandalous and that's why we love it. You can learn more about his work by clicking here .

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