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La búsqueda de la belleza capturada por Raisa Zwart

La búsqueda de la belleza capturada por Raisa Zwart

Raisa Zwart es una fotógrafa de viajes de los Países Bajos cuyas instantáneas están captadas desde todas partes del mundo. La atemporalidad de las imágenes y su calidad es uno de sus principales s...

EntrevistasLa abstracción natural de Mareike Böhmer

The natural abstraction of Mareike Böhmer

Mareike Böhmer es una artista alemana enamorada de la naturaleza y el arte abstractos. Está muy influenciada por el estilo escandinavo y el mundo natural que la rodea. Su obra gráfica combina minim...

CulturaEntrevista con Piet Mondrian: charla con el maestro del arte abstracto - Nomadart

Interview with Piet Mondrian: chat with the master of abstract art

Would you like to know what Piet Mondrian was like? We have asked artificial intelligence and here you have a complete interview with Piet Mondrian (artificial version). Do not miss it.

EntrevistasMarlene Canto, creando con total libertad. - Nomadart

Marlene Canto, creating with total freedom.

Today we speak with Marlene Canto, a Portuguese graphic designer who loves illustration who manages to create worlds full of creativity and color to send messages of strong meaning.

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Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle

Mylene Chung is a Filipino artist of Chinese descent who divides her time between illustration, painting, and cooking photography. Her work is a mix of soft watercolor brushstrokes and random mark...

Ana Clerici, an ode to today's woman

Ana Clerici is an Argentine artist currently residing in Barcelona. His drawings extend through lines and brushstrokes that manage to perfectly capture the personality and situations of each of his...

EntrevistasIsis Navarro, larga vida a los collages

Isis Navarro, long live collages

Isis Navarro is a Catalan artist specialized in collage and mixed media, giving free rein to her creativity in each and every one of her works. To do this, he uses all kinds of cut-outs and materi...

Miki Lowe, from the everyday to the transcendental

Today we speak with Miki Lowe, an Anglo-Japanese multidisciplinary artist currently based in London. With a nomadic spirit, he uses new places and experiences as sources of inspiration to transform...

Alejo Fritz, order vs chaos

Today we interview Alejo Fritz, an Argentine artist who explores new worlds, natural spaces, experiences... through an abstract psychedelia that debates between order and chaos. Hello A...

Pati Baztán, abstraction by nature

Today we speak with Pati Baztán, a young architect with deep-rooted abstraction in the most natural and wild way. It never stops evolving, nor does it stop surprising.

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