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La Guía definitiva para descubrir el arte que te apasiona.

La Guía definitiva para descubrir el arte que te apasiona.

Desde el realismo hasta el impresionismo, desde el cubismo hasta el surrealismo, cada estilo tiene su propia estética única y su capacidad para evocar emociones y sensaciones distintas. Pero, ¿cóm...

DecoraciónVentajas de comprar una lámina enmarcada

Ventajas de comprar una lámina enmarcada

A la hora de decorar un espacio con láminas, una decisión importante a la que nos enfrentamos es si optar por comprar la lámina y el marco por separado o elegir una lámina que ya venga enmarcada. ...

ArteMejora tu decoración con láminas de arte: Consejos para seleccionar las láminas adecuadas

Enhance your decor with art prints: Tips for selecting the right prints

In this article, we'll explore the different types of art prints, factors to consider when choosing a piece of art, how to match them to your decorating style, and much more.

DecoraciónCómo conseguir una decoración de estilo neutro - Nomadart

How to get a neutral style decoration

If you are looking to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your room, we give you the keys to achieve it, with the best tips and tricks, as well as a selection of paintings that fit perfectly ...

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TipsCómo colgar un cuadro con taladro - Nomadart

How to hang a picture with a drill

You have finally received your paintings, you have the wall ready to hang them, and now it is the moment of truth. Here is a very useful guide for hanging a painting (or several). Step 1: Gather...

Decoración3 Consejos para enmarcar tus fotografías de forma adecuada - Nomadart

3 Tips to frame your photographs properly

Whether it is a work by an artist that conveys a lot to you, of great sentimental value, or merely decorative, photography is one of the elements most likely to be framed. When framing a photo, the...

DecoraciónCómo iluminar tus cuadros para que destaquen aún más - Nomadart

How to light your paintings to make them stand out even more

The lighting of a painting is fundamental. Almost as essential as placing it in a suitable place and height. Because a little or poorly lit painting will determine how the painting looks and what...

DecoraciónCómo limpiar un cuadro para una mejor conservación. - Nomadart

How to clean a painting for better conservation.

Cleaning it well is just as important as hanging a painting correctly. Just as you wouldn't clean a wild silk dress the same way as a cotton T-shirt, you shouldn't clean all paintings the same wa...

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