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Tortugáguilas y flormencos: la zoología quimérica de Mark Brooks - Nomadart

Turtle Eagles and Flormenes: The Chimerical Zoology of Mark Brooks

The New York artist joins the Spanish illustration studio Alademosca to carry out these impossible evolutions.

ArteMandragore: el rascacielos que podría cambiar el futuro de Nueva York - Nomadart

Mandragore: the skyscraper that could change the future of New York

The project would mean the construction of the tallest green building in the world. The idea is that it is completely sustainable, absorbing more carbon dioxide than it produces.

ArteLos precisos “espacios mundanos” de François Aubret - Nomadart

The precise “mundane spaces” of François Aubret

The French photographer has managed to attract attention thanks to a very insightful look at architecture, exhibiting his work in Berlin or Shanghai and receiving various awards.

ArteLas miniaturas del arte táctil de Amandine Senny - Nomadart

The tactile art miniatures of Amandine Senny

This French artist manages to stand out for her very careful final result for tiny works. His latest big leap is 'Horizon', a science-fiction short film made in 'stop motion' and designed with his ...

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ArteLos 10 artistas emergentes más sorprendentes de este 2020 - Nomadart

The 10 most surprising emerging artists of this 2020

From "rotten" fruits carved in diamonds to the life of Van Gogh made into a comic. We review the most striking artistic projects of this 2020.

Arte10 curiosidades sobre la vida y la obra de Piet Mondrian - Nomadart

10 curiosities about the life and work of Piet Mondrian

We delve into the figure of the Dutch painter to whom the Reina Sofía Museum is holding a retrospective that should have been held last May. From the founding of 'De Stijl' magazine to his own boar...

ArteLos bordados reinterpretan la historia en la obra de Victoria Villasana - Nomadart

Embroidery reinterprets history in the work of Victoria Villasana

The Mexican artist is inspired by the looms of her land to give a new approach to the convergence of cultures, through embroidered collages that reimagine the historical framework from which both t...

ArteLas emperifolladas frutas podridas de Kathleen Ryan - Nomadart

The dolled up rotten fruits of Kathleen Ryan

The Californian artist has become known worldwide for her incredible jewelry sculptures of decaying food.

ArteLos modernos microcuentos ilustrados de Jon Berkeley - Nomadart

Jon Berkeley's modern illustrated micro-stories

The Dublin author living in Catalonia since 1997 manages to judge world news with his successful proposals, being the cover of some of the most internationally renowned newspapers and magazines.

ArteBotánica + acuarelas. La suma perfecta de la retratista española Riso Chan - Nomadart

Botany + watercolors. The perfect sum of the Spanish portrait painter Riso Chan

The Spanish artist resumes her flooded portraits, although on this occasion she explores nature within the human being.

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