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Las emperifolladas frutas podridas de Kathleen Ryan - Nomadart

The dolled up rotten fruits of Kathleen Ryan

The Californian artist has become known worldwide for her incredible jewelry sculptures of decaying food.

ArteLos modernos microcuentos ilustrados de Jon Berkeley - Nomadart

Jon Berkeley's modern illustrated micro-stories

The Dublin author living in Catalonia since 1997 manages to judge world news with his successful proposals, being the cover of some of the most internationally renowned newspapers and magazines.

ArteBotánica + acuarelas. La suma perfecta de la retratista española Riso Chan - Nomadart

Botany + watercolors. The perfect sum of the Spanish portrait painter Riso Chan

The Spanish artist resumes her flooded portraits, although on this occasion she explores nature within the human being.

ArteEl gamberrismo floral de Lewis Miller por las calles de New York - Nomadart

Lewis Miller's floral hooliganism through the streets of New York

The artist invites passers-by to reflect on the need for natural beauty in everyday spaces, filling emblematic places of the city of skyscrapers with flower arrangements.

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The multicolored art hidden in the climbing of Luke Rasmussen

Photo artist Luke Rasmussen uses long-exposure images to illustrate the path he takes while climbing various rocks.

Van Gogh merges with his works in an idyllic biographical comic

The Iranian cartoonist Alireza Karimi Moghaddam is inspired by one of his idols to tell his life through the eyes of the Dutch genius in a comic format with a touch of humor.

Sara Andreasson: a warm vanguard for a new Sweden

The very personal style of this young illustrator has already attracted the attention of various international publications such as The New York Times and brands such as Gucci, Adidas or Apple, amo...

Balloon Twisting and Biology: we are talking about Masayoshi Matsumoto

The Japanese artist has been surprising on social networks for several years with his extremely high level of detail, creating an incredible series of animals only with balloons and air.

Kit Layfield's surreal paradisiacal masks

The American illustrator creates perfect and closed atmospheres that work like masks full of surrealism, inhabited by mythological beings and with complex breathing systems.

The Japanese neotraditional renewal of Tenmyouya Hisashi

Nihonga, classical Japanese painting, has received a boost with the work of this Tokyo artist who seeks to renew tradition without sacrificing it.

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